our roots

My dear friends,

Please take my good wish!!

I hope that life is not too much stressors on you. If it is, please take a deep breath and everything will be fine eventually. I promise. If you are one of my very first clients/friends (thanks God, you made it), we met two years ago in Rachel’s 200-sqft studio and today you are here reading this, my appreciation letter, and still supporting me. Thank you for all your continued support and unconditional love with Urban Nail Box (yes, me!!). You don’t know how much I am grateful and thankful for being I am today. It is because of you, please remember that!

April 2017, in a rainy day, I (Urban Nail Box) was found by Rachel and Kevin with their whole love and hope. They were in their 20s with young soul and wild hearts. It was a very scary but exciting chapter for their life. They didn’t know if they can go through all of those hardships, and challenges until you came, stayed, and supported. You know that, don’t you. When you have a stressful time in life, please keep in mind, you are incredible and amazing. You made this world a little bit more wonderful. You made me, the better Urban Nail Box today. Yes, it’s you. I really hope, even one day we might not see each other often anymore, you will always take good care of yourself, and do things that you love.

Good things are coming your way. Believe it.

See you in your next visit,

Urban Nail Box xoxo (Rachel’s and Kevin’s spiritual children loll)