Questions? Here’s our Cheat-sheet…

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What’s your cancellation policy?

We kindly ask that any changes or cancellation are made 24 hours prior to your appointment. A notice of less than 24 hours impacts our opportunity to serve other clients. We understand that "life happens," and you may miss an appointment without notice. However, our cancellation policy is to charge 50% of your scheduled service if given less than 24 hours notice and 100% of your schedule service for no call/no show or completely missed appointments. We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the beginning of your appointment.

Do you offer Dip Powder?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer dipping services at the moment. However, please check back in case we update our services after doing our homework on it.

Why can’t I get art with a polish manicure?

First of all, it is easier for us to work with gel because of its thickness and instant dry. We want to make sure that we deliver a perfect nail-art every single time. Since nail-art would take the same amount of time either on gel or regular polish, that we would need to charge you more, and it’s just not worth it for something that only last few days.

So it’s win-win !!

Do you offer customize nail art?

Upon your arrival for your appointment, we collect a handful of nail design ideas that you can choose from divided by three different Tier that you booked for nail-arts. We prefer you to choose from this book to ensure a certain level of quality and to show you what’s in scope for our nail artists.

Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

How do I cancel/reschedule my appointment?

Please reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the beginning of your appointment. The best way to reschedule/cancel/ or any question regarding your appointment is via email ( or text messages (206 866-4642) . Our front desk person only works in the weekend, therefore, we don’t always pick up phone calls during the weekdays to ensure our quality of services for other clients we are taking.

Why do you charge for Gel Removal?

If you’ve had gel removed before, you know that the process takes time, especially when it done right. We believe that our artist’s time is valuable so we charge $10 for Gel Removal as an add-on service. If you got your previous gel done by us within 3 weeks, your gel removal will be complementary and an adjustment will be made at check out.

I want to switch to Gel, can you take off Acrylic/ Dip Powder?

Unfortunately we aren't able to remove acrylics, hard gels, or dip powder.

How long will my nails last?

For regular polish, we expect it to last 3-5 days *when it’s completely dry*.

For Gel Polish, we recognize that everyone’s nails and lifestyles are different, therefore it’s vary and we expect they last up to 1-2 weeks. If your Gel is chipped within the first 7 days, we offer complimentary touch ups. After that, we recommend booking a full service.